My specialty:
Creative color and cuts, blonding, whether it be balayage or foils. Bring on the blondes! Make Up.

Years in the Industry:
4+ Years.

What do you love?

Spending time with family, fall, being creative & painting.

What are your daily essentials?

Eye brows. Coffee. Kisses from my kiddos. Tony Robbins morning motivations. Lipstick

What is your Education?

Empire Beauty School
Brazillian Blowout Class
Arrojo Razorcutting
international Beauty Show

What is your approach to Hair

Soft and approachable with a little sparkle

What are your must-have tools?

Round brush and blow dryer. A good blowout is life changing

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration all around, from art that my kids create to high fashion. Sometimes it’s just taking a step back and changing your perspective and inspiration will follow.

Why do you like working at Aidan James Salon?

Uplifting and motivating. Everyone wants to see you succeed. I love being around all of the positivity. Plus great music!