My specialty:
short haircuts and razor cuts. Also, I specialize in corrective color, blonding, fantasy color, and balayage.

Years in the Industry:
7 Years.

What do you love?

my family, friends, team, and life.

What are your daily essentials?

My daily essentials are before work kisses from my boyfriend, sugar-free red bulls, and listening to Rock 101 on the morning drive to work.

What is your Education?

My color education is from our in-house New Talent Program. I have learned cutting techniques from curriculum of Nick Arrojo, Vidal Sassoon and at the Goldwell Academy in NYC from their Global Cutting Ambassador, Jay Mahmood. I also am certified in Hot Heads Tape-In Hair Extensions.

What is your approach to Hair

I always look at the hair I work on as a blank canvas. No matter how many times I’ve seen the client. Every time is a new chance to make art.

What are your must-have tools?

My Framar balayage brushes and my YS Park cutting combs.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration for my work from all types of platforms, whether it be social media, magazines, or nature.

Why do you like working at Aidan James Salon?

I love working at Aidan James Salon because we are truly a family. We lift each other up and support visions and ambitions.