My specialty:
My expertise is working well with others.

Years in the Industry:
I’ve been in this industry my whole life, thanks to my Mom who’s a hairdresser and also a salon co-owner in southern N.H.

What do you love?

I love fashion, makeup, candy, and my puppy Oakley

What are your daily essentials?

Nice and bold lip color, long beautiful eye lashes, my highlighter pallets
and coffee!

What is your approach to hair?

My outlook on hair is to always give it a shot, and why not?

What is your must-have tools?

A wide variety of makeup pallets, wet brush, and plenty of new makeup brushes to play around with!

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everyday life, objects. and all the people around me.

Why do you like working at Aidan James Salon?

I like working at Aidan James Salon because everyone works together to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.