AJS Academy

Aidan James Academy
Our vision and mission is to educate, empower and grow every member of our team. We foster your passion for working with clients successfully. We teach you how to grow ‐ to become an educator, a leader, or guide you in showcasing your work by competing in global industry events and editorial projects to name a few. Aidan James develops talented hairdressers that possess strong technical skill and a creative edge. Our creative team members have opportunities for personal and professional growth. We pride ourselves on being a team based, systems‐driven company who enjoys a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere. We believe that education is the foundation for success.

The Aidan James Salon Academy

The AJS Academy offers an unparalleled training program for both new and experienced hairdressers, estheticians and manicurists. Our curriculum and educational approach combines best practices, theory and hands‐on training in an innovative and fun environment. Inspired by industry legends, latest trends, top products and proven techniques, we ensure that every team member is empowered to deliver exceptional results.

For Stylists

Our cutting program teaches you the language, techniques, and processes that are at the core of any successful stylist. Stylists master techniques and building their confidence to execute their creative visions.

Our partnership with Goldwell serves as our in‐salon color curriculum. Stylists master color theory, formulations, creative and advanced application techniques and have the opportunity to
become a Goldwell Master Colorist. Our training program also teaches you about professionalism, communication and team culture. We teach how to grow into a successful hairdresser, and inspire you to find your next level.

For Estheticians

Skin care, protocols and product knowledge are the core subjects of esthetics education. Our esthetics program ensures that basic skills are mastered. Our estheticians combine relaxation techniques with the latest technology to deliver results. In addition, we provide continuing education to keep our esthetic staff up to date on the latest products and services. Our core curriculum will also teach you how to build and retain clientele through hands‐on experiences using proven systems. Our esthetics training provides new or experienced talent the tools needed to become a successful esthetician.

For Manicurists

Every step from consultation to application, sanitation to trends and treatment based services are explored and practiced through our new talent manicurist program. We also offer apprentice training for those looking to pursue a hands‐on track to earning their manicurist license. In addition to learning fundamental nail care, our manicurist learn how to deliver exceptional nail services, building and retaining a loyal guest following.

The successful completion of our academy programs builds high‐level skills, develops authentic professionalism and creates exciting opportunities for career growth at Aidan James.